What is CeMAP/CeFA?

CeMAP and CeFA are courses offered by Institute of Financial Services. Those who would like to work in Banks and Insurance companies or Financial Adviser firms need to complete these qualifications because of FCA regulations.

Can I get a job without these qualifications?

FCA regulation requirements are that those who are in Advisory role must have to complete these qualifications before they give any advice.

Who will issue the certificate?

Institute of Financial Services (IFS) will be the awarding body.

How many papers are there in CeMAP?

There are three papers CeMAP 1 CeMAP 2 CeMAP 3.

Please note CeMAP 1, CeFA 1 are same.

What we cover in CeMAP1/ CeFA 1?

The topics covered in CeMAP/CeFA 1 are Insurance, Mortgages, Investment, Pension, Tax, Legal aspects of the Business and Financial Regulations.

How many study hours are required?

Normally, 40 to 60 hours are recommended for each paper which include Guided Learning Hours (GLH) and Self-guided Learning Hours (SLH).

From where I will get the study material?

When you register yourself with Institute of Financial Services and pay the exam fees you will get the book from them.

What are the exam fees?

For each paper the exam fees is £160.

Please note Tuition fees are separate.

From where I can get more information about this course?

You can get information from Institute of Financial Services website


Can I attend the class and see the environment before paying fees?

We are so confident about the course we deliver that you are allowed to attend one session with our Trainer to see how they deliver the course and this will help you to feel that you are at the right place.

Is there any other benefit of this course?

This qualification will influence your life and people near you as you will have more in-depth knowledge of how financial products work and what are their implications, you will be able to deal with your personal finance matters in more effective way.

While working on CeFA2 you will cover investments and stock markets, which itself open new avenues for learners.

How the course will be delivered?

This will be an interactive course, brain storming sessions, group discussions, exercises, mock papers, case studies, role play are the methods used by the Trainer. The students have to absorb a lot during the course. Trainer will deliver lecture and will ask questions to make sure you are absorbing information. Each day one topics will be covered and you are allowed to ask one thousand questions. Support through email and group conference call/Skype is also available. You will be given some homework to complete the learning process.

If I don’t pass and need to attend the class again do I have to pay fees again.

We are confident that you will pass, but you are allowed to sit again in the class subject to availibity of space.