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  • Mortgage Advisors can earn in excess of £50,000 and receive generous salary packages.
  • With the current trends of the housing market, it’s a lucrative time to become a CeMAP® qualified mortgage advisor.
  • At present, the number of people qualified to give mortgage advice is only 25% of the actual demand for mortgage advisors, so employment prospects are very good once qualified.

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CeMAP Online Distance Learning - CeMAP 1 2 & 3

Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice -£650
  • Become a Mortgage Adviser with our Distance Learning Programme.
  • Study from home at your own time with our Phone or Video Conferencing classes.
  • Receive full training until you pass your all CeMAP exams at no extra cost.
  • Book a free session and find out if it works for you?
  • Invest your one hour and change your career to earn over £50,000 a year.
  • Books and other material is provided.
  • Once qualified through us we will connect you with Financial Firms to gain experience as Self Employed Mortgage Adviser.

When you book our unique CeMAP Online Distance Learning course you will receive following support:

  • Course workbook
  • Original E book from IFS
  • Mock exam paper and practice support with our trainer
  • Video or Telephone Conferencing session with the Tutor until you finish the course.
  • Full email support
  • Learners have option to sit in our classroom based training for free (subject to availability)


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At Capex Financial Training we are aware of the importance of your time, that’s why we’ve introduced the CeMAP Online Distance Learning Programme. This programme is especially designed for people who are struggling to find time to study every day at traditional classroom based training.


Our CeMAP Online Distance Learning program is quite similar to classroom based programme but you have the opportunity to study at your home in your own time. So Study from home and enjoy the classroom facility with tutor’s full support. During your CeMAP Online Distance Learning programme, If you wish, you can sit in our classroom based training for free of cost.

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CeMAP ® 1 UK Financial Regulation

Unit 1: Introduction to Financial Services Environment and Products
  • Section 1: The UK financial services industry
  • Section 2: Financial Assets
  • Section 3: Financial Products
  • Section 4: The financial planning and advice process
  • Section 5: The main areas of financial advice
  • Section 6: Basic legal concepts relevant to financial services
Unit 2: UK Financial Services and Regulation
  • Section 1: The Financial Services Authority
  • Section 2: Money laundering
  • Section 3: Complaints and compensation
  • Section 4: Data protection
  • Section 5: Other laws and regulations relevant to advising clients

Mortgage Conduct of Business Rules
Revision Notes
Specimen Exam Papers

CeMAP ® 2 - Mortgages

Unit 3: Mortgage law, policy practice and markets
  • Section 1: Borrowers
  • Section 2: Mortgage and property regulation and law
  • Section 3: The house buying process
  • Section 4: From offer of advance to completion
  • Section 5: The economic and regulatory context for giving mortgage advice
Unit 4: Mortgage Applications
  • Section 1: The role of the mortgage advisor
  • Section 2: Assessment of status
  • Section 3: Assessment of security
  • Section 4: Guarantees and additional security
Unit 5: Mortgage payment methods and products
  • Section 1: Mortgage repayment methods
  • Section 2: Mortgage products and schemes
  • Section 3: Other mortgage-related products
Unit 6: Mortgage arrears and post completion
  • Section 1: Further advances and remortgaging
  • Section 2: Arrears, debt management and recovery
  • Section 3: Other post completion matters

Mortgage Conduct of Business Rules
Revision Notes
Specimen Exam Papers

CeMAP®3 – Assesment of Mortgage Advice Knowledge

  • You will study specimen Case Study Papers and then take 3 CeMAP® assessments.
  • Modules 1 and 2 are each assessed in a two-hour exam consisting of 100 multiple choice questions. Module three is assessed in a two hour exam, but is made up of 60 questions based on six case studies.

Work Activities

As a mortgage adviser, your work could include:

  • advising clients on the home buying process
  • finding out about your client’s finances
  • explaining the different types of mortgage
  • explaining about repayments and mortgage protection
  • offering a number of mortgage options for the client to choose from
  • selling related financial products such as buildings or life insurance
  • helping the customer complete the mortgage application
  • meeting sales targets
  • dealing with estate agents, values and mortgage lenders
  • keeping up to date with new mortgage products and any changes in the law.


The CeMAP® Mortgage advisor course requires you to pass 3 examinations, which you must organise and pay for yourself. Examinations can be taken in most towns and cities throughout the UK (at Pearson Vue Examination Centres) and are computer-based, meaning you will receive your results immediately.

Each exam has a minimum pass mark of 70% per unit. A mark of 80% or higher receives a merit and a mark of 90% or over receives a distinction. Should you fail a specific unit, you only have to re-sit the specific unit rather than the whole module.