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Stock Trading and Shares

How Do I Begin With Stock Market?

This course has been developed for people who would like to know more about investing their money in the stock market so they can confidently begin buying and selling Shares, Commodities, Forex(Currency) or Bonds by industry experts and successful stock market professionals.

In this course you will be learning:

  • Basics of Trading
  • Company’s Fundamental Analysis
  • Pros and Cons
  • Starting Out
  • Buying and Selling
  1. Why Shares?
  2. You can do shares business from anywhere in the world. All you need is a computer, internet, trading account and most important understanding of the subject.
  3. You can start with a small amount eg. £1000 – £5000.
  4. This will help us to understand the business world.
  5. This is what they teach in Business Colleges and Universities.
  6. If you closely watch those who are rich you will find shares and property as part of their assets portfolio.
  7. You will have a better understanding of how business operate in markets and how they react to change. Learn how to do company analysis.
  8. You can choose to trade in shares , commodities , currencies , or bonds depending on your attitude to risk.

After completing this course students will have a better understanding of the basics of stock markets and shares and how the market operates. Trainer will deliver 10 fully structured lectures. Each lecture has further subtopics.


Lecture Duration: 3 hours, half an hour question/answer session, two breaks during lecture.

Lecture -1 Financial Topics

In this lecture we will discuss around 30 points which an average person should know before they think of investing in shares .

Lecture -2

Learning of investment need a clear understanding of tax implication on earnings and growth.After this Three hours lecture along with question answer session learner will be more clear on tax implications.
We will discuss
Income Tax
Capital Gain Tax
Inheritance Tax

Lecture 3

Different Types of Investments
Before you invest in shares learner should be clear of the investment markets and different investment product .In this three hours lecture
We will discuss
1-Asset Backed Investment
2-Fixed Interest Securities
3-Deposit Based Investment

Lecture 4

In this lecture we will discuss in detail about shares.
Around twenty different basic points will be discussed in this three hour interactive learning session.

Lecture-5 Derivatives

Derivatives are different methods of trading .We will discuss

Lecture-6 Personal Pension & SIPP

People use shares as part of pension portfolio . In this lecture we will discuss different types of pension .We will be more focused on personal pension and self invested personal pension scheme.We will also discuss the tax advantages of personal pensions .


How to do Company Analysis and read Company Accounts and Financial Reports.
We will discuss the basic financial and accounts techniques to do company health check .

Lecture -8

We will select a company either Tesco Or Marks Spencer and will do a discussion on the company based on our learning from previous lectures.

Lecture -9 Understanding Risk & Managing Risk

Financial Markets carries risk . As an investor it make sense to have a clear understanding of different types of risk and how to manage risk. This lecture will give you a more clear understanding of managing risk.

Lecture-10 Demo Trading

Student will open a demo trading account and learn the technicalities of trading


1- We are only a training provider. We don’t give advice on any investment product nor we suggest any provider.
2- Value of investment can go down as well as up, and there is no guarantee.
3- Past performance is no guarantee for future growth.
4-You can loose your actual investment.
5-Learner need to understand affordability before they plan to invest in shares.
6-Shares investment is a long term planning.

  • Price: Classroom Based: £499
  • Price: Distance Learning: £399
  • Duration: Classroom Based: 3 Full Days / 5 Evenings
  • Duration: Distance Learning: 5 days
  • Venue: To be confirmed
  • Included: Course Material, Refreshments on the training day, Full support by our trainer