Once you have made a decision to join us to become a stock trader, Mortgage/Financial Adviser or a property expert you will get unlimited support until you pass your exam.


Why Capex Financial Training?

  1. Course Price – Affordable and Convenient for you.
  2. We have experience and qualified trainers. They not only assist you to develop your theoretical knowledge but also observe your ability  to manage customer meeting and your understanding  on  prioritising customer needs and presenting suitable recommendations
  3. The  course materials are written in a simple words so you can easily understand the technical matter. We provide high  standard of course book , mock exam paper, practice of real exam.
  4. High pass rate – Our unique teaching methods ensure  80% to 85%  pass rate. Once you enroll with us you will get unlimited support  from our trainer until you pass the exam. you will have opportunity to re-attend the class based on availability.  That’s how confident we are.
  5. we take extra care of those who learn leisurely, we offer you four hour free lecture in our class room  which will help you to understand our quality and teaching methods, that way Before taking  decision you will have a proper knowledge about our standards.
  6. After successfully  completion your exam /course we will refer to you number of recruiters around the UK. Most of our recruitment partners are very professional,  they always need  talented people.